Angling Expedtitions


Z2 ADVENTURES beach camp is located in Byasi(Shivpuri) Rishikesh, about 290 kms from Delhi and 25 – 35 kms upstream from Rishikesh

Two Chimneys Gethia – Nainital

Two Chimneys Gethia – NainitalTwo Chimneys is strategically located to be away from the clutter of Nainital, but at the same time very accessile so you can stay with us and visit


The Woodville Palace Shimla

The Woodville Palace ShimlaWoodville Palace, located 7000 feet above sea level and half a mile away from the Shimla mall, has its share of timeless romantic history.

Gahana Orchards, Mukteshwar

Gahana Orchards, MukteshwarGAHANA ORCHARDS Spread over several acres of mountain terrain, Gahana Orchards located in Sargakhet Village in Nainital district of

Camp Carnival Kanatal, Mussoorie

Camp Carnival     Discover yourself in the serene surroundings of Nature with Camp Carnival. Camp Carnival, Mussoorie provides all necessary creature

The Rink Pavilion, Mussoorie

 The Rink Pavilion, MussoorieIn the late 19th century The Rink was established as a theatre, ballroom and a skating rink. Today The Rink Pavilion is a boutique hotel

The Neeralaya, Kullu

The Neeralaya, KulluWe don’t just say it here in the Kullu Valley, we totally mean it from deep within our hearts. A simple but an honest way to warmly welcome all

Jungle Beach Camp, Rishikesh Rs. 2150

Jungle Beach Camp, Rishikesh Rs. 2150Rishikesh is the place for starting their trekking expeditions and excursions towards the Himalayan peaks, 12km upstream Shivpuri

Camp Paradise, Shivpuri @ 1250

Camp Paradise, Shivpuri @ 1250Spread in an area of an arc at the bank of a very small tributary of Ganga, with its central dining facility made of tarpoline is your own The Rafters

Rishikesh Luxury Camp @ Rs.4250

Rishikesh Luxury CampOur teams of professionals are innovators with deeply set National and International roots and an exceptional global perspective that has