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The Himalayan Village” is a glorious mix of style, top class facilities, where the traditional architecture & aesthetics blend harmoniously.

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Surrounded by a rich flora and fauna of the Himaliyas Nainital lies at the heart of what is known as the lake district of north …

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We don’t just say it here in the Kullu Valley, we totally mean it from deep within our hearts. A simple but an honest wa…

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GAHANA ORCHARDS Spread over several acres of mountain terrain, Gahana Orchards located in Sargakhet Village in Nainital district of Uttarakhand, is the ancestral home of …

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A Dream Home away from home near Nainital
The dream of owning a hill cottage is a common romantic notion. We chanced upon Two Chimneys β€…

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Oakwood HamletΒ caters to the needs of diverse travelers. Situated at an altitude of 5900 ft, Oakwood Hamlet is never in dearth of occupants because of…

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Secluded deep in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh is one of the state’s best kept secrets… Writershill. The location is an hour’s drive from …

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