Privacy Policy

Privacy of the visitors is of prime concern for StayOut Adventure. Visitors searching for Resort , Hotels, Holidays location details, can visit the StayOut Adventure website without sharing their personal details (Name, Address, and Phone Number).

We don’t sell or share any information of any guests with any third pirty outside the purview of the reservation. The guest information is shared only with the Vendor’s (Resort, Hotel, Camp and/or Transporter) for facilitating and confirming guest’s reservation and to provide the guests with all the necessary benefits associated with the reservation.

The website of StayOut Adventure may contain links to other websites. On clicking these links you enter other websites and StayOut Adventure does not take any responsibility of it. Please read the privacy policy of the corresponding website before proceeding.

StayOut Adventure is bounded to the Law of the state, so if required by the law enforcement authority, by the government, by the court order or to safeguard the rights or properties of StayOut Adventure, StayOut Adventure, may have to share and disclose the information with the above said authority when ever needed.

The privacy policy is effective as of 1st August 2012. Any changes in the policy will be updated here.

All legal mater related to the reservation are subject to Karkar Duma Court Delhi and will only be heard here only.